thinking of adding an extra shirt design to my next store lineup

it’ll have Isabelle from New Leaf on it and say something like “my girlfriendog” (instead of boyfriendog :P)

i wouldn’t be selling it again after this wave of sales, so it’d be kind of a special edition one. comment with your thoughts I guess! Please don’t reblog.


  1. kerakeke answered: that would be awesome! ^^
  2. radioclubjp answered: yes this is good idea. i would buy it! maybe just girlfriendog but idk either way is adorable
  3. ziggomatic-v17 answered: Do something with lots of skulls and bones or something. Well if you want :<
  4. 141n answered: yeah that sounds cool!
  5. herpeterium answered: Isabelle would be a lot better with a Girldogfriend
  6. tinyredbird answered: Oh I’d love it
  7. ashasaurus answered: Isabelle is a perfect girlfirendog!
  8. technomantic answered: this is a really cute idea <3
  9. misskatattack said: One about orcas!
  10. gismonda answered: ahh that sounds so cute!
  11. mintchipleaf said: That sounds great! Though maybe if it just said “girlfriendog”?
  12. hollehmonstah answered: I’d never take it off
  13. milkywitch answered: i think it’d be better if it just said girlfriendog instead of ‘my girlfriendog’ but either way YES YES YES
  14. psychoticmist answered: it would be a good idea to do it now because everyone is still excited about new leaf, but someone might request it to be sold in the future
  15. churaghost answered: Ah I would absolutely love it! What a splendid idea! c:
  16. punchline-the-puppet answered: for some reason it wont let me see what you have for sale
  17. lucariwhoa answered: yiss yiss plsplspls
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