im gonna draw every horsie in the series eventually just watch me

(i’m genuinely sorry if all this fanart is irritating anyone)

  1. ligernekoka said: NO PLEASE CONTINUE
  2. baaaaaaaaaarky said: As long as you go back to drawing other things eventually cause ugh i am sick of people drawing nothing but ponies srsly
  3. torpedoesarts said: Well, I don’t like ponies, but I never saw you post one, so I guess tumblr savior is doing its job!
  4. nastynido said: no dude who si irritated by cute art
  5. itscarororo said: more more
  6. photo-fresca said: Keep going the cute pones are wonderful c:
  7. frenchdad said: i don’t watch it but your art of it is fantastic! keep it up please!
  8. cuteosphere posted this
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