As a note, I apologise to anyone who has contacted me for commissions in the last couple of months and not recieved a reply, or only recieved one reply and no more after that. Due to being so preoccupied sorting out the store orders I haven’t really had time to think about commissions, and as a result the emails on the subject became rather neglected.

Right now I’ve gotten into a good schedule where I can work on shipping out orders while also having time to work on art, so if you are interested in commissioning me now would be an opportune time to do so. Thank you!

I’ll be putting up more info about my SUGAR project after I do a whole overhaul of my blog’s theme, it’s pretty outdated now. Thank you for your interest & patience!

SUGAR - Claude concept art

Annotations for My Little Pony Annual 2014



Yes! Considering the response I’ve gotten to my annotations of previous issues, I figured I should do a set for this year’s annual issue, which is my longest project to date, and has plenty to talk about. Join me below the cut for some behind-the-scenes info about the MLP 2014 Annual, starring the Power ponies, as drawn by the brilliantly talented Ben Bates!

(Spoilers, obviously.)

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Exciting news that makes me squeal with delight - I have a cameo in the latest My Little Pony comic! Thank you so much Ted, and everyone else involved! :’D

Princess Glitter Punch, my pony OC, features in the background of a panel on page 9. You know what that means~


"Also, some of them seem to be moving. That’s pretty creepy."


(please fullview for the gigantic image)

This took super long to do but I love how it came out! I’m amazed at how far Desert Eagle’s blog has come. I never dreamed of getting this many followers but here I am, and I’m so glad that people like her so much!

So! Here’s the list of people in this image! *deep breath*

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that’s my pony up there!! You drew her so cute, I’m so flattered! Thank you :’D So many little ponies and colours, this must have taken forever, but it looks wonderful!

on the flip side, you can't be so afraid that something could offend someone that you make it incredibly bland. an un-spiced dish may not offend, but no one will LOVE it.

Putting consideration into the weight of the words I use isn’t enforcing blandness. In fact, refusing to change because of “political correctness” is more bland than doing so. Bigoted jokes and content rely purely on the audience being “in on the joke” and nothing else, they’re little better than memes in terms of originality. Resorting to tired stereotypes and “shock” values isn’t exciting or explorative, it’s boring monkey-see-monkey-do.

I guess what you’re trying to get at is that if an artist tries to please everyone, their work will become bland and boring - and I agree, in a sense. I think that art that isn’t challenging or insightful is dull. But there’s nothing insightful or challenging about enforcing society’s pre-existing power structure. There’s nothing brilliant about creating content that comforts people who are already comforted by every other aspect of media. So I try to create art that is appealing to those who feel disrespected or ignored by other media, and I cannot do so by ignoring criticism from that very audience.

I guess what I’m saying is “offensiveness”, as it’s described by society, isn’t actually offensive to the audience most media is marketed to. It’s safe and familiar, and it has become so at the expense of marginalised people. And I don’t care for it.

Thank you for your message!

podunk13 said: Did you really catch grief over using the word? I mean, I’m aware of it having a history as a derogatory term, but… doesn’t the context in which something is used count for ANYTHING anymore?

I was unaware of the word having been used as derogatory when I named the characters, as it seems to be an American term (here in the UK I’ve only seen it used as a term to refer to singular ghosts and ghouls). The characters will be using different names should they reappear.

If someone says that a word in my work is harmful I don’t lose anything by apologising and being careful about using it again. If someone dislikes my work I want it to be a matter of personal taste, not because they feel alienated and attacked by it. As an artist I love to gain understanding of the world around me and I cannot do so without feeling empathy or understanding for others, so to ignore such criticism would be harmful to my work as well as alienating to my potential audience. Art cannot flourish in a vaccum, and ignorance is one.

I am eternally grateful to everyone who understands that I am still learning and shows patience.

cute. will there be more tall and small spook comic later?

thank you for your kind comment! People seem to like the characters so they may reappear, though with a slight name alteration :)

doodles of a pair of little ghost girlfriends, tall spook and small spook

these characters were named with the synonym for ghosts in mind, I have been told the word may have a bad meaning elsewhere so I apologise if its use here is upsetting.

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